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For generations mice have heard rumors of a snail, petrified in an amber bubble, that can tell the future buried in the den of a long dead snake. 

What mice have not heard is the rumored snail is not alone within the den. Some time ago, a species of mind syphoning moths moved in and are extremely territorial. Those that did escape with their lives cannot remember from whence they came or why they left.

As if that were bad enough, a massive slug, The Slime Lord, also calls this den home. He defends the ambered snail as though it were his pet. Little does The Slime Lord know, his mind is not his own as all of his thoughts have been drained and his will is that of the moths.

Without any of these, seemingly important, details your mice have been tasked with the retrieval of the petrified snail. Upon delivery of said prize a payment of 2000 pips will be given. 

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AuthorManaDawn Tabletop Games
TagsDungeon Crawler, Dungeons & Dragons, mausritter, OSR


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the artwork is spectacular even though table top games are not my cup of joe, the artwork and drawing is very nice.