We are looking to crowdfund $5000 to bring this project to life. The goal is to bring Tomb of a Thousand Doors to life as an A4 landscape, smyth sewn binding, ribbon bookmarked, 90 page hardcover book. The fundraising goal will cover the remaining artwork (31 unique maps by Fernando Salvaterra), the offset printing and binding by Mixam, the layout and design, and that’s it! There will be a tier for the digital product but the main product is the premium print run. 

 The beauty about this project is it already is complete in text form. In truth, it is way more than just text form but a complete A5, 188 page book available for pay-what-you-want on - Why are we funding it then? Well, this project is the result of a game jam with 43 entries, all with their own flavor and style but together, though the content is there, lacks a cohesive flow and design. This campaign will reformat and elevate the project to new heights! We have already invested $3500 dollars into some of the greatest artwork there is, and as a dream project we are so excited to see it come to life!

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looking forward to seeing this in the flesh! When there is a kickstarter link, please let me know 

Super hyped for this! Did not have the bandwidth to finish a dungeon back then so I'm at least looking forward to help by finding typos hahahaha. Happy to see you so passionate about this project because it is really cool!


I will reach out to you about joining a proof team!