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Deep in the jungle, in the center of a massive lake; is the heart of the Axolotl Empire, the capitol of Aztlán.Known for its vast wealth and kind citizens, this metropolis has fallen on dire times. The Faerie-like fey, the Chaneque, have begun crossing over from their otherworldly realm. These mischievous creatures have hired a group of Rat Bandits to begin kidnapping the Axolotl Young. What do the Chaneque want with the children? Why are the Rats helping? Find the answers to these questions and more because, your party has been hired for 500 pips each and any treasure you find if you can save the Young and get to the bottom of this situation. One Watch to the southwest of Aztlán is the Overgrown Shrine of the Chaneque. Good Luck!

The Overgrown Shrine of the Chaneque is an Adventure for Mausritter. It was created for the Folclore Jam hosted by El Refugio De Ryhope. This product is available in both Spanish and English on their website. Please go support this Mausritter community in Spain. 

To DOWNLOAD these Adventure Files, Click here.

In this Adventure Site are:

  • A jungle point-crawl
  • 4 new creatures
  • lots of random tables
  • fun new items

The Overgrown Shrine of the Chaneque is an independent production by ManaRampMatt and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party License.

 Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

 El Santuario descuidado de Chaneque es una obra independiente creada por ManaRampMatt y no está afiliada ni a Losing Games ni a El Refugio de Ryhope. Se publica bajo la Licencia a Terceros de Mausritter.

 Los derechos de Mausritter son propiedad de Losing Games y de El Refugio de Ryhope (para la edición en castellano).

To DOWNLOAD these Adventure Files, Click here.

Artwork Used:

Public Domain art. Art with permission from online vendors with Extended Licenses.

 Writing and Layout:

Matthew Morris, AKA ManaRampMatt

Axolotl ideas from Juan Carlos Hernandez

Text is Creative Commons

Attribution 4.0 International (CC by 4.0)

To DOWNLOAD these Adventure Files, Click here.

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Is the download missing or am I just blind?

yeah I can't find it either 

follow the link to El Refugio de Ryhope’s website to download the files for free from then. While there, check out the other cool Mausritter adventures. 


It was hosted on someone else's website (the Click Here up above)