A downloadable Lilliputian

This is a submission for the Bernpyle Press #1 Game Jam and Issue #1 of the Bernpyle Press Zine.

Sir Reginald Chesterfield, Royal Lilliputian Explorer.

artwork  from the Public Domain.

Sir Reginald Chesterfield, Royal Lilliputian Explorer is an independent production by Matthew Morris (ManaRampMatt) and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorManaDawn Tabletop Games


Sir Reginald and Lilly (A5 Singles) 7 MB
Sir Reginald and Lilly (A4 Spread w/ Bleeds) 31 MB


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Ahoy there - is there any chance that you might be able to make the font a different color in an alternate version? I have mild colorblindness and it usually isn't an issue, but the purple and yellow (despite being super lovely colors) make it difficult to read the text because of the lack of contrast for me. Thanks for anything you can do. Best, - Paul


Absolutely, BW coming soon!

Thank you so much!