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The whining creek and crack of wood and gear as the wind softly blows across the landscape, a massive windmill dominates the horizon. The sound of rushing waters, crashing in on themselves; an unnatural waterfall billowing into a fabricated canal. The faintest noise of earth being excavated heard through the ground, gophers hard at work. Near the Cobblefence State Park host’s RV is the community mini-golf course, Putt-Putt World. Once a bustling destination for the giants, it is now home to a colony of mice. Mice who are currently being terrorized by a Faerie conclave.

Why are the faeries antagonizing the mice?

More importantly, are your adventurers willing to find out?

Its Rough in the Rough is a fleshed out adventure site for Mausritter. This location can be used as a one-shot adventure for a game night or can be plugged into any existing Mausritter hexcrawl campaign. The putt-putt course is meant to be place in hex 11 of the Earldom of Bernpyle as seen in Bernpyle YEAR ONE (buy the hardcover physical at Exalted Funeral) and the Berpyle zines

This adventure site includes:

  • 9 keyed locations
  • 2 NPCs with motives
  • 3 factions with competing goals
  • 8 new creatures for your bestiary
  • 2 new spells
  • 1 new condition
  • 5 new and flavorful items
  • and the potential for hours of fun!

Also included in this purchase are:

Writing, illustration, layout: Matthew Morris

Its Rough in the Rough is an independent production by Matthew Morris and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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This is a lovely adventure! I enjoyed all the word puns and so did my players. I ran a mixed group of two seasoned vets who played plenty of Mausritter and two newbies who had never played any RPG and all four of them really liked the adventure. It has plenty of hooks and places to explore and it's likely your players won't visit all locations. Great way to show off the sandbox style campaign play Mausritter can offer in a single oneshot. I recommend this adventure! :)

WOW! Thank you so much for the kind words!

An excellent adventure for Mausritter! I ran this as part of an existing campaign in a different hexcrawl, and my players were called over to the Earldom of Bernpyle for this adventure as a one-shot. It's a really fun location with neat factions and items. The layout of the pamphlet is excellent and easy to read with an easily printable map - makes life very easy for a GM!


wow!!! Thank you so much my friend!!! Such kind words!


There is a small typo under Items and Treasures: "Gopher Trap. A small sick of explosives," should probably read "A small stick of explosives"

What's up with those file sizes? 

I just ran my first ever game of Mausritter. Ran this as a one shot. It was immensely fun! Delightful concept. The way the 3 factions are set up is great. They were super easy for me to understand and run as the GM. It was interesting for the players as they were able to interact with them and make deals. Had lots of adventure, but not even one combat! 

Overall, greatly pleased with this adventure. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to run Mausritter.


WOW!!! Such an encouraging review. I’m glad y’all had fun!


Love the art and the adventure!

Downloaded the big A4 spreads and it was really worth it