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Strap on your sword and embrace the croak and ribbit of a chivalrous amphibian knight in Frog Errant, the solo fantasy adventure game for use with Mausritter.

It’s a deadly and brutal world out there, and it is not too friendly for a lone frog. But if you embrace your quest and heed the omens, you may just be able to make a name for yourself. And if you wander long and far enough, you may be remembered in the songs of both frogs and mice.

Frog Errant is a solo, or GMless, game mode for Mausritter or other Into the Odd based games. In Frog Errant you will take up the role of a wandering frog knight-errant, seeking adventure, looking to fulfill a Quest - all while avoiding you prophesied Doom.

In Frog Errant you will find:

  • Mechanics for building a unique frog knight
  • A new attribute function called Prowess
  • Lists of knight weapons and armor
  • 12 knightly Backgrounds and items
  • Unique Quests, Doom, and Harrowing Experiences for narrative based advancement
  • 12 Feats to further make your frog unique
  • Solo procedures for GMless game play
  • Character Sheet
  • Solo Session sheet
  • Feats card
  • 20+ new items

Frog Errant: Sword-and-ribbits adventure gaming is an independent production by Matthew Morris of ManaDawn Tabletop Games and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third-party License. Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

Solo Procedures are taken from Barrow Delver by ManaDawn Tabletop Games.

Harrowing Experiences are inspired by Fallouts from Liminal Horror by GoblinArchives.

Feats are adapted to Mausritter from Crowns by Ward Against Evil.

Cover art by the talented Brandon Yu, @chaoclypse

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorManaDawn Tabletop Games
Tagsdnd, Dungeon Crawler, mausritter, nsr, old-school, OSR, Singleplayer, Solo RPG


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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Frog Errant - US Letter [SINGLES].pdf 1 MB
Frog Errant - US Letter [SPREADS].pdf 1 MB
Frog Errant - US Letter [BOOKLET].pdf 1 MB
Frog Errant - A5 [SINGLES].pdf 1 MB
Frog Errant - A5 [SPREADS].pdf 1 MB
Frog Errant - A5 [BOOKLET].pdf 1 MB
Frog Errant [CHARACTER SHEET].pdf 445 kB
Frog Errant [ITEM CHITS].pdf 1 MB
Frog Errant [FEATS CARDS].pdf 411 kB
Frog Errant [SOLO SESSION TRACKER].pdf 489 kB
Frog Errant - Delux Edition .pdf 2 MB
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Is there a booklet version of the deluxe edition? also besides the delightful cover I am not sure what is different about the deluxe edition. Just a confused little guy trying to decide which to print to carry with me.

cover is the only difference if I remember correctly. It also has the character sheet and feats

Would like to buy, but I don't have PayPal (due to past hacker issues).

I’ve been slowly playing through this and having an absolute blast. Love the feats and theme. The doom keeps things moving and maintains a sort of dangerous lonely feeling. I’m using my frog to explore around the world in my Mausritter campaign is set in and it’s perfect for just that purpose. 

Extremely cool! All my Mausritter players are busy with adult life now, so I'll try to get a little bit of heroism in during my commute. :D

Played this solo! This is an awesome lil game :)


could it be possible to buy the game through other means than paypal?

Heads up, first title reads "Make a fog knight" and I totally believed there was a cool order of solo frog knights called the fog knights. Might as well use it ;)

Fixed! Thank you so much my friend!

What a great release!


How did you know I wanted this? I didn’t even know I wanted this. 10/10.


hahaha! It was birthed out of me not knowing I wanted it haha