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“I must admit, I have never so-much-as played, or even seen played, a tabletop wargame; however, Into the Odd is the pinnacle of tabletop roleplay and adventure gaming design and thus it follows, it can and should be the chassis of great skirmish games”

 - Matthew Morris, ManaDawn Tabletop Games

What is this?

Detachment is a rules-lite, quick tabletop wargame for use with miniatures. It is based on the core combat rules of Into the Odd by Chris McDowall and other Mark of the Odd games. In Detachment players control several Detachments which together form a Warband. These Warbands compete against rival Warbands to accomplish Objectives.

What is needed? 

2-4 players, representing a minimum of two factions (rivaling Warbands). A playing surface (minimum of 2’x2’, preferably 3’x3’ or larger). Terrain pieces of any kind. Various tokens to represent Objectives or Treasures. Miniatures and Dice (28mm minis (or even Chess pieces) are perfect - each mini will represent a Detachment. A complete set of polyhedral dice is required). Detachment Cards for tracking miniature stats.


This ruleset heavily pulls, if not steals directly,  mechanical and procedural influence from Dead Gods by Scott Malthouse/Trollish Delver Games.

Cover art by Nate Treme, available via Patreon.

Chris McDowall is the original creator of Into the Odd. www.bastionland.com 

Mark of the Odd LICENCE v0.4

Detachment is published by ManaDawn Tabletop Games. 2023.

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Detachment v1.1 [PLAYTEST].pdf 1 MB
Detachment Quick Play v1.1.pdf 78 kB
Detachment v1.1.pdf 138 kB
Detachment Cards v1.1.pdf 1 MB

Development log


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There’s a typo in the Unit Builder and example. The example shows a stat of 9 being worth -1 CP, but the table lists a 9 as being worth -2 CP. 

This is a small rules nitpick, but I realized that if the CP total isn’t a multiple of 4 then you might and well increase Guard by 1-3 because the unit cost will be the same. 

Otherwise, I’m really into this game! I love the rules for Into the Odd games and it’s awesome to have a wargaming supplement. I would totally use this as part of a campaign. 

Ohhhh I would love a set of paper mini's for this game. I am eager to get into some wargaming. Well done for this creation!!


Read it. I don’t like it.

Plus making a citation of yourself to give the impression like it has reputation is kinda lame. Plus the argument you are pushing in there is like saying “Into the Odd is a good TTRPG, ergo good cooking books can come out of it”.

If you really want to make a wargame, I think the first step is to actually play them. Here I have a list of ones I really like so you can read them, and most importantly, try them:


thanks for giving it a read and taking the time to give some feedback. It is super helpful. 

The quote is tongue and cheek and meant to be funny more than anything. 

Reading Gothic Punk and loving it. Bruno (it’s creator) and I are friends and Bruno is assisting in some awesome overhauls. 

As with everything I create, it is fun for me and sometimes it works out others find it fun. 

Due to the fact I am new to wargames, this game was free as I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to make a buck on something experimental and in testing stages. 

More updates to come. 

Thanks again!

One more thing I wanna mention about the Militia card is, that guerrilla warfare (in real life) is not built around traps. Yeah sure, if the enemy gets into their controlled territory tunnels and other traps are commonly used. But the essence of guerrillas are hit-and-run strategies, to debilitate the enemy when they are weak, and to take their arsenal for themselves as the only stuff they can make themselves is homemade weapons.

for sure! This is more of an abstraction. But tactically and historically you are correct

I've played TTRPGs since the late 70s and TT Miniature Wargames since the early 70s (even created my own in the early 80s) and I must say, this looks very interesting.

Wow, that is super encouraging! I really hope you like it!

Very cool! Does this game also have an open license to create derivative works?


yes. I totally forgot to add that text. But yes. CC-by-4.0. I will update. 

Really interested to see how it expands. 

This is technically a system neutral SDR. I have a full setting and faction version of Detachment slated for Mausritter. 

Excellent! I was thinking precisely about Mausritter. It will certainly be a cool game. ^^


also, you were the first one that came to my mind when thinking about doing paper minis for this game

I'm flattered, but I think this is a bit beyond my current capabilities. However, I would be very happy to illustrate the book cover. :)