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Set in the same setting, the Mausritter megadugeon, Tomb of a Thousand Doors is coming to Kickstarter January 9, 2024. Put your Bernpyle heroes to the the test and see what splendor they can unveil in the super-complex of the Mad Maus King! Follow along at ttrpg.link/1000doors

Bernpyle YEAR ONE is the best of the first year of the Bernpyle zines (all Six issues). Bernpyle is an unofficial Sword-and-whiskers zine for the amazing TTRPG, Mausritter. This zine is jammed full of all sorts of fun things to make your Mausritter game pop! Artwork from many amazing creators really bring the world of Bernplye to life!

Included in the Zine:

  • Earldom of Bernpyle hex-crawl map
  • Map of the capital of Bernpyle
  • A Grizzly Revelation at Badger Burrow
  • Murky Mysteries of Mice in Marshes
  • Borderland Watchtowers
  • The Missing Wand of Suetonius the Wise
  • A Not so Stille Nacht
  • MausTrap
  • All sorts of various "Mouse-rules" (homebrew fun)
  • Mauspanzer
  • Songvogel 
  • and a list of 150+ Third-Party supplements

Enjoy this great Mausritter zine. Purchase the hardcover or softcover version at either Games Omnivorous or at Exalted Funeral.

Look forward to the French Edition by Electric Goat, the Spanish Edition by El Refugio de Hyhope and the Brazilian Portuguese Edition by RPG Planet Press.

Bernpyle YEAR ONE is an independent production by ManaRampMatt and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party License

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AuthorManaDawn Tabletop Games


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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In the same fictional world as the Rittermarch, Mayfield, and Bernpyle - now comes Tomb of a Thousand Doors!

A new Mausritter megadungeon is coming to Kickstarter this January and it is over 100 pages of hours of fun! Follow along for updates!


Gather up picks and shovels and prepare your packs as you delve deep into the forgotten stronghold of a mad mouse king - the Tomb of a Thousand Doors. A megadungeon for the rules-light fantasy adventure roleplaying game Mausritter. 

It’s a deep and dark dungeon down there, and it will not be fair on a little mouse. But if you are cautious and maybe a bit daring and reckless, you may be able to retrieve innumerable riches. And if you delve long enough, you may just uncover the greatest treasure of all mousekind deep within the Tomb of a Thousand Doors!

Is it possible to have player-facing maps for things like the main barracks in "Border Watchtowers" and the village map for "A Not so Still Nacht"?

I think this issue #7 is mismatched with the Year One compilation. 

Issue 7 is actually Year One.