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Bernpyle #3 Is an unofficial Mausritter zine and it is packed full of fun content. In this issue you will find a drop in ready adventure site. This site is a whole hex you can add to your Mausritter world. The adventure is titled, The Murky Mysteries of Mice in MarshesThis adventure focuses a mysterious swamp know as Froschsumpf Marsh, this swamp is ancient and full of rumors and history. Currently, the few mice that reside in the marsh make their home in Coypu; and the frogs have their empire. But both these sets of denizens need be on the watch as there is a mysterious tarantula witch haunting the murky waters. Her name, 'Ol Spindlelegs. If your mice seek adventure, this swamp is beckoning them, that is, if they are brave enough to wade in these dark, damp and ancient waters.

This zine also holds a retelling and english translation of Homer's The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice. This greek satire sets the backdrop for the current climate of Froschsumpf Marsh. Included in this zine is stunning and amazing artwork by Alex Damaceno@gnarledmonster. Alex has created amazing pieces of art! You should check out Beyond the Borderlands. Bernpyle #3 also features several "mouse-rule" and tables inspired by conversations on the Mausritter Discord. I hope you all enjoy!

Bernpyle is an unofficial zine and supplement source for Mausritter and is compatible with the Mausritter gaming system . Mausritter Sword-and-Whiskers Role Playing Game is created by Isaac Williams. Mausritter is copyright Losing Games. Bernpyle is an independent production by ManaRampMatt and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party License

Bernpyle is updated every other month, with new material. Stay tuned for more fun and exciting homebrew "mouserules". 

Bernpyle was inspired by many of the great folks over on the Mausritter Discord. . The idea of a zine came from Thistle Kingdom


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Another amazing zine on the Bernpyle series! The swamplands hexmap is a great location to travel in your adventures, and the webkin can introduce a bit of horror to the game. I didn't care too much about the tale of frogs and mice, but it's nice to have!