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The MAUS HACK  is the ninth issue of the Mausritter fan-zine Bernpyle and is jam-packed with community created resources. Whereas previous issues of Bernpyle have focused primarily on the Bernpyle setting, the adventures that can be had there, and minimally on homebrew rules - this issue is focused on giving you more procedures, mechanics, and inspiration for your Mausritter games.

Included in the following pages are procedures for epic chases, expanded encounter roll mechanics, fun items from Cotton’s Shop (crossover with Tales from Moonshore), magical mishaps tables, so many random tables from the #tablehive channel on the Mausritter discord, and a fun setting seed for new mouse adventures in The Valley of Felsdon.

Mausritter has fostered an amazing community and this zine is an homage to the amazing resources this community has made.

Check out so much more that the community has created here: library.mausritter.com

Bernpyle #9 - The MAUS HACK is an independent production by ManaDawn Tabletop Games and is not associated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third-party license. Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

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justfyi: The filename says #8, not #9.