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Barrow Delver is a set of solo roleplaying rules for Cairn.

Cairn is an adventure game for a Warden and at least one other player. In Barrow Delver, you are both the Warden and the player. You are the arbiter of the rules and you are a hardened adventurer exploring a dark & mysterious forests filled with strange folk, hidden treasure, and unspeakable monstrosities.

These rules are inspired by Mythic Game Master Emulator by Word Mill and MAZE RAT by Peter Rudin-Burgess. Barrow Delver is by Matthew Morris and is released under CC-BY-SA 4.0. License.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorManaDawn Tabletop Games
Tagscairn, into-the-odd, nsr, OSR, solo


Barrow Delver [Solo Cairn].pdf 7 MB


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I used this for a solo game of Cairn and really enjoyed the changing dynamic for the yes/no outcomes. I’m looking forward to trying the spark tables at some point.

I printed a couple of copies and am stuffing them into some of my other RPG zines to run with other game systems, since this is so versatile! Thanks for providing this as a free product.

Love the idea of the yes/no Oracle relating to the Pressure Point DR, very neat!