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Fun, atmospheric little game. The many nautical-themed tables really make it sing.

For my game, I took the character and ship sheet images and made fillable PDFs. You can download them for free here:

Lovely game, ManaDawn team!

Such a fun adventure and great artwork to boot!

Great product! :D
One thing that I feel is missing would be the dice drop hex map (for Vast Ocean creation)


I can't tell if the average person would see a review.. So check this game out! If you like Mausritter, this pretty well feels like the ocean expansion.


Amazing! Thanks for the review and I'm glad the game hit that way. That was its purpose!

“This zine will come with conversions to make these little, adventurous sailors into steampunk Victorian era Skyship Captains for use with Into the Odd or Electric Bastionland. It will also come with the conversions to outfit Lilliputians as hardened, seafaring traders and pirates for use with Cairn.”

Do these conversion rules exist in the zine currently? If so, where? And if they don’t, what is the plan for them - they sound very exciting!

It is on the last page. Not a massive block of text but rather some principles and suggestions 

oh thank you - it took me a while to find which PDF it was in as well. Appreciate the reply, Game is a fun read!

Are there still plans to distribute this beyond Exalted Funeral for those of us not in the US? Really want to pick up a hardcopy.

I hope so, I thought there might be some interested wholesalers who would reach out to Exalted Funeral but today I do not know if there is.

Not sure if this is the place to ask, but is the hardcover perfect-bound or sewn? I'm debating between the HC and zine for table usability and being able to keep it flat when in use is a big plus.

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Zine is perfect found in the hardcover is glue bound

Thanks for the info! I've had a lot of fun with this game and am looking forward to picking up a hardcopy.

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Came here from Einzelmaus. How solo-able is this?

Edit: Nevermind. I asked due to the “designed for at least two people” line, but in reading the demo I found it includes solo rules and advice.


Any plans for updating the pdfs with page numbers/replacing the XX notation?


Enhanced damage is 1d12 but firearms have higher damage that that (2d6,2d8,2d10). How do you deal with that?


I do 2d12

Do armor and weapons have usage dots?  If so, do I mark a usage dot down every time someone hits the armor?

Rations aren't listed in the Items and Costs table on p18, so I guess you assume you always have enough to eat.  For the consumables that do have cost, do you track them with Durability?

Is there anywhere I can buy the hardcopy from in the uk please?

Not as of yet, as they are through and Exalted Funeral exclusive. But they are Coming up for wholesale soon


a delightful rules-light game of nautical adventure with enough strangeness to make it unique!


I purchased this a while back and am really enjoying my prep work to add into our Mausritter story. How’s best to stay in the loop for a printed copy? The kids and I would really like to add it to our set!!

Would like to buy but can't use Paypal. And all c.copies claimed.. too bad. Also, will there be a printer friendly version?

I really wanted to buy this but it's Paypal only. I guess I'll wait until a print version is released via Exalted Funeral or some other shop. That being said, it looks brilliant.

I don’t know how to make  it have other payment options. I’ll look into it.  For the time being, feel free to snag a community copy

Hi! really love it! Will there be a printer-friendly version (with real black)?


Concerning the future print edition ov Lilliputian, is there a chance for a L.F. OSR print version? 

Hi there, what are the main differences between the draft from 4-22 and this current one? I just printed a copy off and am wondering if it's going to be worth printing again?

other than art updates and ventures in the back of the book being completed mechanically the rules have not changed

Thanks! I'll wait til the book is all done to reprint then :) The art you have in there is already so gorgeous!


This looks great! I might have missed this, but any plans to do a print run?


I definitely am planning one. Haven’t finalized it yet, but once artwork and layout wraps up I’ll post more info! I am super excited about it!

thanks for your kind words my friend


Suuuper looking forward to a print run as well! This looks amaaazing.


What a beautiful collaboration with all the artists! Thankyou for something this fantastic!

Ouuuuh can't wait to print this bad boiii! (Or to help funding a print-run if there is one at some point). Great work so far! I am really enjoying the art-styles you've been exploring in recent years with all those documents you are pumping out like a madman hahaha.

Are the PCs literally small, like Gulliver's Travels Lilliputians? Or figuratively small, i.e. exploring a vast unknown?


Well, if you’re playing any mouse adventure game, then yes they are literal 6 inch tall humans or if you’re playing it in a fantasy setting then they can just be explorers in a super large ocean… It is kind of open ended


This is the sort of FRP that I am looking for - can't wait to see more!

it is now currently itchfunding and I’ll be posting weekly edits of the file until it is finally complete. Stay tuned!

also stoked you are excited 


That looks like it's going to be wonderful!


Thank you so much. The team is growing too. Emiel Boven (creator of DURF) is onboard to do artwork. I am excited!


 I’ll be posting weekly edits of the file until it is finally complete. Stay tuned

Great - I'm looking forwards to it!