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Are there any plans to be able to filter the list by languages once it becomes the official site ? 


This is EXACTLY what I needed, thank you so much for doing this !


Great stuff! Was able to pick up some great things, thank you a lot!

As Strucky writes, Mausritter was published in Czech by Mytago.

A little heads up... Mausritter Czech edition isn't from TLAMA games, but from MYTAGO publishing house.


perfect!! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll edit on Monday!

woah, nice!

so much work, both in the materials referenced and in compiling them

Ah man, this is so cool! I know it would take a ton more work, but one request would be for everything to be hyperlinked.


in due time. The official site will be fully hyperlinked and integrated 

Legit, thank you!