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Incredible amount of material for your Mausritter games. It includes an adventure (bigger than most locations for this game), rules for flying and terrestial mounts, and more. It's a great complement to your games.


Hi. This is Hall Park from Whitedragon Publishing.

we are releasing Mousritter in South Korea soon.

And I wonder if we can also translate your work for Korean Audience as well. 

Hall park


absolutely!!! I would love for you to do that!!!


Thank you very much!!!

I really liked your work and My mother told me to share what was good for you.


haha your mother is wise!!! Thank you so much!!! Bernpyle 3 is gonna be the best so far and it’ll release this February, if you want I’ll send you the raw files and you can go straight from there...

Dear Matthew, 

Thank you very much. I will look forward for it. Hall Park

Love it!
Would it be possible to get a one-page-per-page download option?
I want to print the zine as a booklet, and the two-pages-per-page layout makes that difficult. 

for sure!!! I’ll up load those tomorrow

Thank you so much!



Uploaded a cover for the Fall Edition of the zine...

Really excited about the next issue. There will be some fun ideas and adventure sites. Also some alternate mechanics. As with the last issue, more character sheets. A small bestiary and a real cool, powerful magic item... get ready for a deep dive into the Earldom of Bernpyle 


Hey there all, this is my first attempt at a zine for Mausritter. And its live... please feel free to download this and add it to your games!